What is SOGO Action?

At SOGO Action we have a core focus on STEM learning and video gaming.  Learn something new in our STEM lab from 3D printing, to robotics, coding, and more.  We also take what is great about video games; Socialization with our peers (in person), Collaboration (in person), and a creative approach to problem solving (in a group environment) and place it in a safe and structured environment.  Whether you've signed up for one of our events or just dropping in during our Open Play times, we strive to ensure a fun and enjoyable experience. 


Don't worry...we haven't forgotten about the adults.  We will have 21+ BYOB special events to get out and unwind!

How does it work?

We keep it simple.  We schedule events to capture a wide range of groups.  Sign up your kid(s) for our SUMMER PROGRAMS where they will be engaged in week long themed events with STEM activities and video games catered to critical thinking and teamwork.  Drop in and play some of today's hottest video game titles, try your hand at 3D printing or robotics, step into our Virtual Reality room, bring your friends for a Just Dance party, or try your hand at some classic vintage gaming.  There are 36 XBOX One consoles waiting for you to jump on and play solo, with your friends or online.  We will have challenges, prizes, and special events for you to take part in if you want.  Take a break and have a snack in our party room or try our VR Treadmills, Switch consoles, Classic Sega or Nintendo, or PS4.  Just installed are our new VR Treadmills that are sure to blow you mind! You have to see it to believe it.

At SOGO Action, we have a very strict policy for bullying, foul language, and all around bad sportsmanship.  We do not tolerate disrespect to any of our customers or staff.   SOGO Action is a friendly, fun and safe environment to learn, be creative, play video games, meet new friends, and interact with other people with a common interest in a positive environment.  

We host events throughout the year.  Check our FACEBOOK page for our Events and Tournaments. 

It’s simple, check the on-line calendar or call to find out what events are currently being offered. 

If you’re interested, book it!

Check out our FAQ or feel free to give us a call!