What type of games do you have there?

We have a multitude of games to play that will keep kids engaged for hours. Whether they have a flair for the vintage gaming or would rather team up on some Fortnite or Minecraft. We've got them covered from action, to adventure, to racing, and puzzle games....and so much more.

Is it just 4 hour sessions or can I play for a shorter time?

Play as little or as much as you would like. You pay by the hour. The more you sign up for, the better the discount is. Check out our pricing page for specifics.

How is Sogo Action staffed?

We look for youthful enthusiasm in or staff, but we always have an adult staff member present who has been trained in first-aid. Our #1 priority is the safety of anyone in our building. #2 is having fun!

Is the place clean? I hate colds and viruses!

So do we. However, some of the kids (and adults) do sneak them in. This is why we take a proactive approach to cleaning and sanitizing the equipment after each session, promote hand sanitization, and quarantine suspect children and adults. Just kidding about the last one....no quarantining allowed. If we do notice a child is sick, we will contact the parent/guardian right away so they can come get them.

I really like that Adult Video Game night there! When is that happening?

We really like it too! Sign up on our home page to be a part of our mailing list (WE DO NOT SPAM and WE WILL NOT SELL YOUR INFORMATION). We only send out updates pertaining to events and schedules. We also may send out the occassional discount around the holidays.

Are pets allowed?

No. Please no. Animals and video game wires do not mix.

Can I bring outside food or drink?

We have snacks and drinks available for purchase. During lunch/snack time we will have pizza available as well. Please feel free to bring your own food during designated events. We ask though that it remains peanut and tree nut free as there are many surfaces that kids come in contact with and we try to limit exposure to some of the top allergies. There is a room specific for eating and drinking. NO FOOD OR DRINK IS ALLOWED IN THE GAMING AREA UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED.

How do I sign up?

If you're looking to have a party, just give us a call or shoot us an email and we will be happy to get one scheduled for. Check out our EVENTS page and sign up to take part in any of the events we offer. Feel free to drop on by as well during our Open Play times.

I have my own Xbox Account. Can I log in and play?

Absolutely! We cannot guarantee your experience online as your personal settings take over but you are more than welcome to use your own account. After your session, one of our staff memebers will remove your account from the Xbox so it can not be used until you return and re-login.

What do you have in your STEM Lab?

So many toys! We have (12) 3D Printers, we have robots, Legos, bulding materials, computers for coding, sand blasting chambers for glass etching, and many more. Come down and check out what we have going on.

Can I just come in and 3D print something?

As long as the STEM Lab is not being used for a specific event you are more than welcome to come in and try it out. Additional charges may apply based on what is being printed. Small prints to test out your skills will always be included in the hourly rate. Our goal is to expose kids and adults to fun new technology and games.