What does SOGO Action have to offer?



With over 24 Xbox One's you will always be entertained by today's hottest AAA titles!  Come with your friends and play together.  All of our consoles are connect online and ready for you to team up.  Collaborate and build a world together in Minecraft, verse your buddy in a game of Madden, or squad up and in a game of Fortnite or Apex.  So many games to play!  


Are you a Playstation gamer?  No worries at all.  We have consoles for you too.  Each Playstation is connected to the Playstation Now network allowing you to download or stream instantly Playstation's hottest games out today.  All cross platform games are hooked up and ready to play against anyone online or at SOGO Action! 


Are you a fan of Nintendo?  We got you covered.  With 12 Nintendo Switches we are sure you'll have everything you need compete with your friends in an epic Super Smash Bros Tournament!  Want to do some more casual gaming?  Jump on our community screen and play with friends in an epic Mario Party battle.  So many games to choose from to keep you entertained for hours! 


Our Virtual Reality room is not your standard VR experience.  We are equipped with (2) VR Treadmills that bring a complete immersive VR experience.  Control your character in game by running on the treadmill.  With the ability to spin 360 degrees and motion capture, you'll experience the VR world like never before.  Come down today and try it for yourself!   


E-Sports are co-ed, inclusive to anybody who can use a computer or gaming console, and engages kids who might not otherwise participate in extracurricular activities.  Video games are a passion for millions of kids around the world.  Our E-Sports League offers them a way to engage with their passion and reach kids in a space they want to achieve in. 



Our robotics curriculum engages kids utilizing different platforms for building, engineering and coding robots.   Depending on the class being taught, we could dive into the world of LEGO robotics using LEGO WeDO or Mindstorm.  We also develop skills utilizing Arduino for more advanced robotic techniques.  Our goal is always to provide hands-on learning and the ability to collaborate with others. 


Whether you are just starting out in the world of coding or you have some more advanced skills, SOGO Action can provide you with the tools and experiences to move your ability in coding to the next level.  We work within a multitude of languages and platforms to give your child a well rounded coding experience.  Starting from a visual drag-and-drop based coding platform like Scratch and moving into Java and/or Python languages helps to develop a path to understand, not just a particular coding language, but the fundamentals of coding across all platforms. 


Do you have a Tinkerer in the family that loves to design?  Let their design come to life at SOGO Action!  Take your drawings and ideas and we will teach you how to design and print on one of our 12 3D Printers.  Our goal is for each child in our STEM lab to have the ability to work directly with their own printer to design, build and prototype.  Work on your projects at home as well and bring them in to print.  We have all the tools needed to make your creations come to life! 


Join in on our Minecraft Education classes where we teach the basics of Minecraft for those just starting out, as well as advanced topics for our more experienced players.  From modding, to circuitry, coding, and architecture, there is sure to be plenty for your child to learn!   We also offer Minecraft Chemistry to give your child a visual representation of combining elements to create materials.  Be a part of the Minecraft community and show us your creativity! 


At SOGO Action we have the ability to create and LAUNCH your own rockets!  Using our Rock-IT system we are able to design, build and launch rockets down a 12' long track at high speeds.  Measure your time and speed and find ways to improve your design.  Get on the leaderboard and win prizes for best design!  We teach all about the engineering and design process, as we discuss topics relating to propulsion, aerodynamics, thrust, and so much more!   


Why just play the games when you could create your own!  Be a part of our Game Design classes and learn how to make your very own video games.  We start from the basics, utilizing drag-and-drop coding environments and work you up text based languages focus on the intricacies of game design.  We also go through animation, pixel art, collision detection and so much more.  Let your creativity run wild!  


Every wonder how the LEGO movies are made?  Join our LEGO Stop Motion animation classes and find out.  We have dedicated stop motion stages so you can bring your movie to life.  Use LEGOs, clay, drawings....anything you want to bring your ideas to motion!  Each stage is set with a green screen so you can change to whatever background landscape you would like.  Our state of the are STEM Lab has all the materials you need to make the next great film!   

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