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All memberships require a 6 month minimum commitment.  A credit card must be stored securely to your customer file.  A monthly charge equal to your receipt will be billed to your credit card starting 30 days from today's completed transaction.  Please be sure you choose the same membership below that you are currently purchasing.

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For the below section please fill in only the fields with the number of children coming to SOGO Action.  Leave all others blank.  If there are more than 4 children please fill out the first 4 on this waiver and each additional on the Gaming and Activity Waiver using this link:  Gaming and Activity Waiver

Not sure what level of video game rating to sign off on? 

Check out our Cheat Sheet to help.

Please select highest level of video game rating allowed for Child 1.

Please read the below waivers and agreements by clicking on each link. 

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