Below is the link for the SOGO Action Waiver’s.  Anyone playing a video game must have a General Release Waiver (can be one waiver for the whole family).  Descriptions are below.

General Waiver

Everyone needs to have a General Waiver completed (adults and children).  One of these waivers can cover an entire family. Each child must be included on the waiver and if they are playing video games, a rating must be assigned. Please ensure all family members are indicated on the waiver.

Gaming Approval Update

If you wish to update the gaming level your child is allowed to play, please fill out this form.  We will update the account with the new rating level for that child.

Membership Agreement

If you are signing up for a SOGO Action Membership, a Membership Agreement must be filled out.  Please choose which membership level you are purchasing, fill out the required information, sign and submit the form.